Labels are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes that can be tailor-made for each client.  



Automatic adhesive labels

These labels are produced in a roll and can be attached using an automatic labeling machine. These labels adhere to most paper surfaces and textures, as well as boxes, bottles, and other items. A great way to promote your products and ideas.


Computer labels

These labels can be provided in rolls or on separate pages that can be printed on the client’s computer. Orders can be customized according to customer’s request.



POLY labels

Labels made with polymers can produce highlights that appear three-dimensional.


Keystroke labels

These labels can be custom designed to provide instructions to users about the functions of the various buttons and controls on electronic panels, remote controls, and other similar devices.

Gold Stamp Labels

These labels are enhanced with a process that adds special finishes in Gold, Silver, Laser, and other paper to add emphasis to your product. This process can be added to finished labels or non-adhesive materials.

Screen printing

Ink levels for screen printing are divided into levels 3-8. Higher levels provide stronger resistance against UV rays. Labels made with level 8 ink will not easily fade.


Standard labels

These labels provide the information about the standards followed by the client for certification or customer satisfaction. It can also include information about safety, general standards, and tests that have been passed. We have PGDQ2 and PGAA Double certification mechanism.


Multi-layer labels

Provides a unique type of label that is unique and gives the client a way to include more information without taking up more space on the item, because the information is printed in several layers.